This statement speaks of the Muslim Educational Institute established upto 8th Standard long before four decades by some eminent persons with routine and no definite objectives and looked for renaissance till the end of 1992. The rebirth of the dispersed Institute and its upgradation at the laborious hand of the first elected management, with reshape Institute as a place of teaching and service to community. These components flow from 'The Ahsabi-sofah (RA)' Institute the vision which helps us in and though visible world to know and experience the invisible God.

The Institute is a Muslim academic community with mission to pursuit the environment appropriate to impart the standard modern education along with the ethical education taught and preached by Ahsabi-sofah under the glorious leadership of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) the last messenger of Allah.

Despite odds and hurdles from the insensitive friends and foes; the Institute with the development by leaps and bounds at the hands of post 92 managements has been upgraded to Junior College level with comparative standard education an ethical learning which would have been impossible dream without cooperation of staff members and students of Institute. Dear concordians, 'Do not give up your 'impossible dream' because as you are continuously trying, you are becoming closer and closer to it when others think it is impossible it doesn't mean it is impossible for you'.
Bashir Ahmad Masoodi
General Secretary,

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