I feel immensely pleased to Welcome the hosting of our School Website. Since the introduction of Web and Internet is a gift of modern science for the people, as it has created the revolution all over the globe, in the field of exchange of ideas and information, hence availability of this facility has become an inalienable part of our daily life, as it offers hassle free academic door steps. It is in this context that an effective Website must as such Exhibit and contain characteristics around its future. Apart from what is needed is of course (good content) what sets this facility accessible to all its users and also delivers the right message in the hearts and minds of all the stake holders viz students, faculty, parents as well as administration.
We are living in a scientific age and imparting education in this environment absolutely warrants, sharing the latest news and information rather information arrive at our home, on the screen of computer, thus the screen becomes (prototype) of the world.
The installation of the Website in our School is expected to be built and up-graded on day to day need basis, by displaying student projects, providing information on home work and current ongoing class assignments as well as providing a forum for teachers, students, parents and administration, the exchange information, news and calendar of events etc. More ever attention needs to be focused on inter-school learning activities and activities displaying School curriculum and courses as well. Depicting that the School is excellent/ attractive, in all respects especially with regard to sciences and news, in comparison to competitive schools, needs to be taken care, while up-dating the contents invariably.
I wish the introduction of this modern facility into our School, benefits all the stake-holders especially our students, to whom I convey To HOLD UP YOUR HEAD HIGH- AS YOU ARE MADE TO LEAD THE SOCIETY UP-WARD SUCCESSFULLY AND WITH DEVOTION IN THE COMING TIMES.- AMEEN!


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